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Stereographic Projections for Structural Geology

Welcome to InnStereo

InnStereo is a stereographic projection program (or stereonet program) for structural geology. The program is open-source and can be freely used.

InnStereo screenshot InnStereo screenshot
InnStereo screenshot InnStereo screenshot


InnStereo is under development, but beta releases are already quite usable. Checksums for the binaries are at the bottom of the page.

The current version is Beta 6 (Changelog):


The documentation is developed in multiple languages. If you would like to help out with a translation you can contact Tobias.


Anybody is welcome to participate, and participation is not limited to programming. Bugs, and feature-requests can be made at the projects issue tracker. The project also needs translators for the documentation and the graphical user interface. For questions and feedback please contact Tobias.

Translations (Localization)

The project is looking for translators. You can edit the text files directly or use Zanata (InnStereo on Zanata).

This is the current translation progress:


Stereonet (Equal area Schmidt Net and equal angle Wulff Net stereographic projections) - Great Circles - Poles - Linears - Rotation around Axis - Contours - Rose Diagram - Dynamic rendering - Drawing features on stereonet with mouse - CSV import and export - Finding best-fitting plane for lineations - Calculating best-fitting intersection for planes - Layer managment - Dynamic legend - Calculate eigenvectors and eigenvalues - Export figures as vector images with editable text. - Find mean direction (Fisher statistics) - Saving and loading project - Light gray and dark gray interface option - Highlight selected datasets